Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wearing down

Today didn't go as well as I expected. Sure, I managed a cool count, but in stops and starts - not the best way to write.

But... that's the thing about writing books, some days are diamonds, some days are coal, but both serve a purpose.

Anyone who thinks this is easy, has never written a book. It's tiring after the mad rush of the first week. I can see from a number of boards that people have stopped after they reach the 50k, an achievement in itself, but then what? Is the book complete or was this just an exercise to see how quickly 50k could be done.

There's also the usual cheating, which serves no one. I guess with the growing popularity of Nano, that was always going to happen - at least I've managed to move past my outrage. And people are too polite to call those alleged writers on their scores of 70k in a day, or 200k, yeah. No. Bullshit. Just... bullshit. There. I said it. Nyah.

I guess I'm grumpy. It's taking too long to get where I want, but the hard yards come before the rolling around in joyous violence and bloodshed. Timing is everything and, like the character, I can feel time is running out. I see that as a positive. Twenty to thirty thousand words more and this book is done.

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