Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another day, another...

Mm, not a good start to the day, managed only five hundred words before taking off for a physio appointment. I got me a dickey knee and having someone twist and turn and try to tie you into a pretzel to test various ligaments - when your knee hurts already is no picnic.

Still, he worked at the problem and now I have to teach myself a new way of walking. Hell, I did it as a kid, how hard can it be now I'm all growed up? :)

So, because I was quietly pissed off, I came close to killing of characters I'll need later. Yes, the tragedy of it all would boost the book, but... we needs 'em, we wants 'em and they were saved at the last moment.

I just know I'll have to rewrite that entire section, because Nano, you know, is all about writing and not looking back - that way lies madness.

I hope tomorrow will be better, I'm still waiting to get into the groove.

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