Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still around

It's hard to believe it's been months since I wrote a blog; five months of online silence.

Not because I decided to ignore the blog, but because I've simply been that busy. Real life suddenly blotted out everything else. I am ten months into a new, full-time job in addition to caring for the parent, so I'm time poor.

Something had to give and in the end, it was writing.

Yes, I managed the Forward Motion Story-a-day Marathon, but the work left a lot to be desired and I finished very much disappointed in myself.

From Friday, I'm on leave. Yay! For two, glorious weeks. Bigger YAY! And it's going to be busy... ish.

First up is Conflux, the local sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction festival. Paranormal romance writer, Keri Arthur is the guest of honour.

On Monday, I'm heading down the coast. Walks along the beach, basking in sunshine after a long Canberra winter, the making of the yearly Hypocras batch for Christmas. Just... relaxing... with the parent.

Still, I'll be editing. I'll be considering what to write for Nano, maybe read a book or three.

I miss the words. I miss creating stories and worlds and characters and conflicts. I miss reading stories, nutting out the who-dunnits, cheering the good guys, imagining the landscapes, feeling justified at the villain's comeuppance. I miss it all.

Trying to find a work/life balance is nigh impossible at the moment and writing has taken a back seat. Eventually, I'll find that balance and return to the words. As a writer, the words will come out anyway. With Nano, at least I can manage the 'when' if not the 'what'.

So. I may not have time to post daily, or weekly, but I'm going to use the lure of Nano to provide impetus to practice, to think and to post when I can.