Saturday, November 03, 2012


Some interesting sites for those taking up the challenge of Nano:

Nano Bootcamp

The Only Writing Rules you'll ever need

I'm sure there'll be more, but I'm werking here!

Tempus Fugit

How is it that this year is passing in a blur?

I seem to be dashing from one thing to another, trying to accomplish stuff that needs to be done. (I blame working in an office in an environment where budget cuts have been extreme. Let me just say that the department I work for should not be used by the government as an ATM when they want to fulfill a lunatic promise. I was not employed to do the work of two and a half people; my own job keeps me occupied for long enough thank you.)

Okay, political bit finished.

It is day three of Nano. The first two days have been a struggle. Actually finding time to write has been near impossible, and midnight? Pfft! The damn day turned over and cut me off from finishing that day's word count.

Fortunately, it is now the weekend and I went off to a write-in, the first I've ever been to. I'm not saying it wasn't fun, but was interesting.

(Note: to certain people - bathing is not an option, it's essential when interacting with a reasonably large group squashed into a cafe. I'm just saying.)

So. I arrived rather cranky because of all the stuff I had to do, all the interruptions. Writers, it should also be noted, do not like real life interfering in the creative process - and November is when we are short on patience and long on frustration.

I guess I'm off to a reasonable start. I've caught up on the two days of miserable performance and a good shot of Sarah Brightman has soothed the inner Snarly.

Time for more words.