Sunday, November 07, 2010

Climbing the dizzying heights of Nano

I have climbed the first mountain: that of reaching the 50k mark. And it feels good. But... this is no time to rest on a laurel, wherever she might be...

Ahem. Anyway. The big battle scenes are some 30k away. For now, it's the build up, the machinations, the careful stepping and revealing of lies and traitors, all to reach the pinnacle and then tear it all down.

But I'm not there yet. Since I promised myself a candy scene, I had a girl fight instead. Dem fists, dey did fly. I also introduced the inevitable moral quandary: the potential sacrifice of one for many. If I work it right, some of the many will, tragically, not survive, but the one will. I mean, it's a little unfair to kidnap someone for the purposes of selling them so others - who haven't earned the right - can have the future they've always dreamed of, but never worked towards.

Maybe I'm just being mean. But hey, the characters are telling the story; I'm just along for the ride.

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