Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1111 posts

Hmm... this is the one thousand, one hundred and one-ty one-th post.

It's also late in the evening, and I'm tired. I have six and a half days to go to finish the book; taking into consideration that writing will probably not be happening while babysitting two small, excitable children; five and a half if I count the afternoons lost to work - which I don't because I can catch up if the story goes well.

And at this stage of the game, it's a very big 'if'. I paused tonight because I'm not entirely sure of what happens next - always a bad place to be.

I guess with a good night's sleep and no football to distract me, I might come up with something nifty. If not...


Marina said...

I've spent the whole month in that damn place where I'm not sure what happens next. You seem to be doing all right even so!

Congrats on the 11onety-oneth post.

Jaye Patrick said...

Thanks, M.

Jaye Patrick said...

Thanks, M.