Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hard Yards

Not the best of days for numerous reasons. None of which I can speak to.

So, ten days... nine days to write another eighty or so words. Ten k a day, with one day spare. Yeah... no. I'll come close, but not finish the third book.

It's one I delayed writing because of, well, poor planning really. The first book could not be completed in under 150k so I split it, added more words.

Planners, plotters and outliners don't have this problem, it's all laid out, so my frustration levels are rising, because outlining doesn't work for me; I've tried it on numerous occasions. I guess I just don't have the discipline for it. At least until after I've set down the first draft.

The breath of the final day is beginning brush the back of my neck and I know, as the day draws closer, the more temperamental I'll become.

There is no shame in not finishing this book on time, I can complete it in December, but it means extra work and pushing back the relaxation stuff.

November is tough, but continuing on into a second month would be brutal. There are enough days to gamble with, to do some power writing, but it's a last resort. Some days are diamonds, others are complete bastards, but the reward at the end is... magic.

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