Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Had siblings around for dinner tonight. Although they live in the same geographical area, they rarely catch up - shift work the main culprit.

So we ate good food - well, a slight variation of Jamie Oliver's Pear and Walnut salad with baked fish and chat potatoes with sour cream, followed by profiteroles - and drank our beverages of choice.

All that meant was excellent conversation as we watched a repeat of the Eagles v. Redskins, and a lower word count than I wanted.

But... family is more important than a stinkin' word count. Besides, I'm up to a critical point and multi-tasked - chat and type. See? It is possible to engage in conversation and still get work done.

Of course, I've consumed way too much alcohol, so the editing of the work should prove iner... intris... interesting. Damn, i can't believe how long it's takin... taeken... taken me to 2 w rit e this!

Time fer bed.

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