Friday, November 12, 2010


I had a productive day. Just not necessarily on the second manuscript. Nope, I was the moozeum today working on the catalogues. Now, after seven months, the online shop is open for business.

I just have to make some adjustments to make 'em look real noice.

As for writing, well I think I've screwed around enough with the build up to the real action. The characters want to get into it and I've decided to let them, but in an orderly fashion, like the catalogues. I have to go through the numbers, set the scenes, the dialogue - and not skip over anything, just because it's not as interesting as the rest! - the characters. Oh, I think someone's got some whoop ass coming at them!

It means I'm looking at a big word count tomorrow, at least I hope so. Roll on 100k!

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