Monday, August 30, 2010


Monday. It's Monday already. On Wednesday, I drive up to Canberra to catch a flight down to Melbourne unspeakably early on Thursday.

And I think I've worn myself out already. The old 'I'm ready' and the 'I'm not ready' have been fighting so much I'm at the 'not caring' stage.

Still, today and tomorrow I plan to finish the synopses, edit the synopses, print six copies of the synopses and first three chapters - then worry some more. The Pitch is on Saturday, so I can enjoy the two previous days events - oh, and get in some genealogy on Thursday. Excellent!

The first place I'll be heading to is the Dealer's Room. Dream Called Time (weird title) by S.L. Viehl, is available from the Galaxy Bookshop who will have a table. YAY! Sure beats my local book store who said it wouldn't be here until October. Nyah, nyah!

So, I must away to work and suppress the squealy fan-girl moments. No doubt panic will set in eventually, followed by the 'get over yourself' chastisement.

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Marina said...

Good luck with the pitch, Jaye! I just sent you an email about meeting up some time at the conference.