Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hyperbole and a Half

My new and favourite place to visit for a smile, a chuckle, a laugh-out-loud moment, or an OMG! cack-fest that will stay with me for the rest of the day. Yeah, sure I was working - doing research in fact - when I found it, although the 'how' and history that led me to the page currently escapes me...

Hyperbole and a Half, written by Allie Brosh, has some meaningful comics that illustrate cautionary tales in humorous ways. It's a blogspot that is, unfortunately, addictive.

Check out Bicycle for a post everyone must be familiar with from their childhood. Anyone who has a dog or a cat will cackle at Dog - not all pets are brilliant and clever and trainable, some you just have to love because... well, just because.

Then there's How A Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood. I'll stop now. You should go and read them.

I need to get back to work now and stop stuffing about. The minutiae ain't gonna write itself, you know.

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