Saturday, August 21, 2010

We choose...

Today is election day. Or, I suppose, Election Day! Yep, we go to the polls to decide who will be the next Prime Minister of this great nation.

Do we go for the first woman Prime Minister (not elected, but giving the leadership of the Labor Party after a caucus room spill - since they held government, she became P.M.) Or do we vote for a former Minister of the Howard Government - a near-priest and exercise fiend?

The current polls indicate a 50-50 split with many voters still undecided. There's no... enthusiasm like last time. The pith and vinegar flew in 2007, with spiteful remarks across internet sites. This time, not so much.

The worst example of mocking our system is former Federal Labor leader, Mark Latham, suggesting donkey votes - that is, screw up your vote so no-one gets it - because neither side is worth it. Sanctimonious, petulant idiot. (He, too, was dumped by his own party as leader).

Australia has compulsory voting - one, I think of only two countries in the world. Everyone votes, no-one 'misses out'. Postal, absentee or polling booth, we have the facilities for all to have their say. And it's not about leadership. It's about your candidate in your electorate. Whichever party wins the most electorates, has the right to form government. The party elects the leader, and the party room decides the issues to stand on, through our elected representatives.

Democracy in action. While compulsory voting seems like an oxymoron, it works. No-one can complain about the result because everyone had a say. Your side might lose, but you were involved in the process. Okay, except for those who vote for the Greens; a vote for the Greens is a vote for Labor under a deal done for preferences before the election - a deal I think should be made illegal. If I want Labor in, I'll vote for them, none of this back room dealing to gain votes by proxy.

So. Who am I going to vote for? Well, we also have secret ballots. It's no-one's business who you vote for, so I ain't tellin', but the results should be interesting.

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