Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Strained patience

A little over two weeks to go until World con and there's still no program. I'm a just a wee bit annoyed about this. I want to organise a schedule for myself so I can maybe see other things in Melbourne. I've been patient, but... really? No program? What's up with that?

It could be my anxiety levels are rising - I'm trying not to poke and prod at my work, to fiddle and adjust and maybe delete or add. I have to convince myself it's not the end of the world if none of the agents/editors are interested, no matter that it will feel like it. I may have a hissy fit and readers on Scribd might just benefit...

It's been eleven years since the last Worldcon in Australia and it's a good time. I went in 1999 and felt overwhelmed by choice - gathered my wits enough to get a book signed by Elizabeth Moon, did short story critiquing with Gerald Nordley, saw some anime, heard Terry Pratchett (a marvellous speaker, but I don't like his books) however, the rest seems like a blur.

This time, I have a plan... which I can't implement without the damned program!

Sigh. I need to relax and plan my trip to the Victorian hatches, matches and dispatches to hunt down my Victorian relatives - it's an opportunity I ain't gonna miss. I'm flying in at an unspeakable hour of the morning and the opening of Worldcon isn't really until the afternoon. Plenty of time for lattes and research.

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