Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cats and mice

So, the mice have returned. I'm guessing the garage is too cold for them - and they probably ran screaming from the package of poison I tossed into the middle of their village up in the rafters.

I think we've caught six so far, but I don't know, since I told my SIL I didn't want her to lay traps over the weekend because the remains would stink up the garbage bin.

"Don't you just toss them up the back of the garden?" Was her question. "No." Like I want my veggie patch to stink of rotting flesh and have maggots and flies buzzing around. As usual, the SIL disregarded my wishes.

The only food they have is what's in the traps. I have no idea how they're getting into the house, but we don't have any problems in the other seasons. So traps. Snapping in the middle of the night and bodies removed before I get up.

I think I need a cat. If nothing else, a cat would provide endless entertainment:

Then again, a cat would go after the blue-tongue lizards; and then the snails and slugs would return. And they'd eat my veggies because I don't like to use chemicals and the cat would eat them, be poisoned and die. No more snow peas for us.

No cat. But I had a good laugh at the vid.

I'll deal with the mice - if they still live - after the rellos have gone. Thankfully, that will be tomorrow and my stress levels can drop. sigh I think I'll watch it again...

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