Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last minute

I'm printing stuff - synopses, first three chapters - while trying to remember everything I have to take with me. So of course not only is the laptop making strange noises, I'm about to run out of ink. *sigh* I might have to finish printing in Canberra.

I know I'll forget to pack something - doesn't everyone? - but anything I do forget, I should be able to buy in Melbourne. I have a mental checklist which I know I'm suppose to write down. It's busy up there in my head, with visions of the last WorldCon I went to, the weather, what clothes to take, not forgetting the mobile phone recharger or the camera or the wireless thingie, recalling the lecture on safety since I'm there on my lonesome, planning the drive, wondering if I've got enough money, the panels I'm attending, who to see, what-to-do-when-to-get-there-did-I-pack-the-alarm-clock?

Life's full of challenges, both great and small. I need to relax, but it's a bit early for a glass of vino. Deep breath. Okay. I'll be posting while at WorldCon, and if I remember the camera lead, posting some photos, too.

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