Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Home at last. The South Coast area got wrecked by near cyclonic winds on Saturday night. Driving down the mountains I saw the trees and branches littering both sides of the road. Obviously, the SES crews worked hard to clear the debris and re-open the roads, but the street lights are still out - all darkity-darkness. And I thought the excitement was northern Victoria with the massive flooding. I've spent some time today cleaning up the backyard and mourning the loss of my newly planted tomatoes.

Worldcon was great. Even though not one of the works I voted on won any Hugos; but Seanan McGuire won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Author. I was so intrigued by Rosemary and Rue, I've ordered the books - since I couldn't find them in any of the book stores I visited.

Best moment of the Con: listening to John Berlyne of the Zeno Literary Agency speak of all the right things I've done so far. Confirmation, really, that I'm another step closer to publication.

Worst moment of the Con: Having the opportunity to ask Ginjer Buchanan of Penguin, USA, a question and having a total brain freeze; I felt like an overwhelmed fan! I finally got the question out and tried to ignore my burning ears. Lovely woman didn't bat an eyelid at my sudden silence.

Awed moment: the WETA digital presentation. Their artwork and CGI is amazing; I wish I could do stuff like that, but given the amount of work, I shall simply admire from afar.

Most fun moment: the Baen Travelling Slideshow - maybe because I picked up a couple of book covers and CDs with buckets of books on them. I don't when I'll have the time to read them all!

Metaphor moment: the Vampire versus Zombie Smackdown! I had no idea that vampires were a metaphor for the elite class, shape-shifters were the middle class and zombies were the proletariat - the unwashed, uneducated masses. My argument? One wooden stake and it's over for the vampire; but it's not even an 'owie' for a zombie. As for metaphors, well, I don't look any deeper than whether a story is entertaining or not.

Quote of the Con: Cathrynne M. Valente - "Screaming is a poor character trait".

And so the convention is over. I really hope it won't be another ten years before it returns, but I fear just that given all those countries vying for the privilege. Then again, it might give me the opportunity to travel to other countries to attend; and maybe as a guest if I work hard enough and I get published.

I left the convention feeling more optimistic, more determined and more inspired to get it right. I've even worked out what to write for Nano...


Sierra Delta said...

Hey J - glad you had a good time at the Con. Sorry to hear about tomatoes. I have some Black Russian tomatoes coming up (at least I think they are) as I think they self seeded. I can bring some down if you want...if the dog can keep out lol.


Jaye Patrick said...

Thank you, Sierra, it was fabbo! I love surprise tomatoes and will take any you have spare.

Sierra Delta said...

Cool, I will pot some up for you when they are big enough. Probably head down there on one of the school holiday weekends...perhaps the long weekend?