Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Planning stage

Winter is having one last hurrah before the weekend. Then it has to stop and wait for next year.

Daylight Savings Time begins on Saturday, or early Sunday morning, whichever you prefer. A lost hour somewhere in the night, temporarily taken and returned in six months. I think there might be a story in that...

And since it's been chilly today, it was nice to be warm inside, working away at the edits. Only another fifteen thousand words to find and Huntress: Unbreakable will be done; then I can prepare for Nano season.

I'm thinking another Huntress or two to wrap it up. I'm not eager to see it go on and on. I haven't thought of an ending yet, but it will come to me. Eventually. I hope. At the moment, I can see a sort of solution, but can't quiet see how it will work.

I have time yet to jot down a few notes.

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