Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's Up?

Busy, busy, bizzeee!

I've paid for my trip to the World Science Fiction Convention, otherwise known as Aussiecon 4. WOOT! Happy Dance!

Then there's the piece written - but not yet edited - to submit to Ticonderoga Press's upcoming anthology, More Scary Kisses.

I have also found these interesting items:

First, Holly Lisle is creating an on-line publishing house called Rebel Tales. This post details the reasoning behind the move. I admire her ambition to take on the big guys and will try to support the project.

Second, Writers Digest has a useful article on 5 Stages of Querying by Anne Gallagher, an aspiring romance writer. It doesn't matter what genre you write in, these tips will help.

Third, also via Writers Digest, 10 Things Writers Should Never Do by WD blogger, Kate Monahan. Again, full of useful information, but importantly, to never give up on yourself.

Fourth, guiding the little university blossoms around my museum... okay, it's not mine, but it was great to expand on my truncated speech and show them the historic artefacts.

And fifth, the usual editing and grumbling about the aforementioned editing. Which I should get back to...

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Marina said...

I've just paid for Aussiecon too! I'm very excited, I've never been to anything like it. Maybe we could meet up?