Sunday, July 04, 2010

If it's worth doing...'s worth doing well. sigh.

I have visitors this weekend and decided to make egg and bacon muffins. Eggs worked fine, muffins, ditto. I cook bacon for about ten minutes in a low oven - comes out delish (especially when marinated in maple syrup, but that's too exotic for the boys - 11 and 10).

In retrieving the bacon, I managed to tip the tray a little too far and... yes, hot bacon fat down my palm, little and ring fingers. Didn't hurt, initially, just a quiet curse word or three at the greasy fat on the floor - and I did save the bacon (hah!).

Now, a few hours later, it feels like a giant papercut. No blisters, but nicely red after a dowsing in cold water. A good stinging and throb.

You never really know how much you put your hands in water until you've collected a burn.

Yeah, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. I think I'll tattoo 'eeedeeyot' on my forehead and go pout.

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