Monday, July 12, 2010

Bubbling away

Beavering away at edits; see? See the counter? I'm getting that sneaky feeling of running out of time - nerves, I think. WorldCon is when it all happens and I must be ready.

There's lots going on in Real Life, too, for the next fortnight. I think the Universe is throwing things at me to test my commitment. I'd like to say failure is not an option, but it's always an option - it's a matter of how we deal with it.

So. Books simmering away nicely, a short story sauteing in the frying pan and a nicely marinated batch of stress roasting in the oven.

Back to work before a meeting I have this morning, then it's cake baking for my M.'s birthday - a nice meringue layer cake with chocolate ganache, Chantilly cream and dark cherries. Mmmm... chocolate....

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