Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canine the Barbarian

Canine the Barbarian, the beast formerly known as Destructo-dog, formerly known as Dobby, formerly known as Scout, is coming along nicely with the help of a behaviour modification device; aka, the squirt bottle.

Currently, he's chowing down on a... stick, although cushions are his favourite toy, coz he can hump them at the same time as teaching them not to mess with him; obviously, the lack of two dangly bits hasn't stopped him.

So far, the garden has escaped his attention. Mostly. He's very good at turning over the Winter soil in the veggie patch and taking out those pesky weeds. He replants them on the lawn, after a manic victory lap around the garden, of course. He has no fear of the pitchfork; indeed, he sees it as an interloper to his game. And the three pronged fork is just his size for chewing - if he can get it out of my hand.

No rabbit dares enter his domain and the Blue-Tongue Lizards are safely hibernating in the garage. He also gets great exercise chasing the birds. And the neighbours? Well, why wouldn't they like to be woken at 7 am on a Sunday by his yapping at the early morning joggers? He's just reminding them that the day's awasting if they have a lie-in. Really, he's doing them a favour.

So now, I'll just go and clean up the shredded newspaper and plastic he's taken out of the recycle bin to chew and play with. (How can one puppy manage to put such small pieces in unlikely places? Like... under the couch?) At least he's not widdling everywhere...

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