Friday, July 16, 2010



Or as he is known to his family, Dobby formerly known as Scout. He's five months old, a maniac and I'm puppy-sitting for another week.

Yes, it's been a bit breezy here, but I hesitate to make the connection to a certain Disney elephant.

Alright, he hasn't actually destroyed anything, just had a really, really good try. But I'm sure the newspaper, tissues and old yard broom would protest that statement. Also on his hit list are my slippers, runners, work boots, cushions, his sleeping mat, and any cord he can find.

At the moment, he's trying to dig through the driveway - something interesting must be buried down there. He's also tried to dig through the couch cushions and discovered... dust bunnies - I think they're his favourite. Every time I turn around!

When he's awake, he's finding new and interesting things to chew - currently, a small, old log he found somewhere; but when he crashes, he's down for the count.

I'd forgotten puppies have two speeds: full on and complete stop.

As a reward for my patience, he's digging over the compost heap in the veggie patch.

Good puppy!

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Marina said...

"Puppy-sitting". Now there's a word to strike terror into the bravest heart ...