Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catch up

Canine the Destroyer is acting more like a cat than a puppy, climbing on - or sliding under - as much furniture as he can. I might give him a spray, but five minutes later, he's at it again. His new target are socks. And now he's curled up on a blanket having a snooze.

So. This round of edits are done and I'll get to more next week, but I have a longing to read someone else's work and to catch up on some DVDs and that's what I've been doing - when not watching for the next bit of mayhem from the hound.

I'm deep into Lynn Viehl's Dreamveil and I can feel a suspicion sneaking up on me. But then, I'm always suspicious of Lynn because she hides her clues in plain sight and it's only at the end of the book that you slap your forehead and say 'Of course, it was there all the time and I missed it! Damn that woman!'

I can imagine Lynn mwahaha-ing all the way to the publisher...

And I'd best read some more while the puppy is napping.

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