Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upping the ante

I foresee, in my future, the creation of an online presence greater than I anticipate.

Yeah. Went to an e-business seminar today for the museum; the director was there, too. Next thing I know there are stars in my boss's eyes at all the shiney things I could do to promote the museum on social media networks. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogger... oh, the horrible list went on. Meta-searches, keywords, HTML coding, F structure (as in how people view pages, not, you know, me cursing - a temptation I resisted).

Tomorrow, I head to the University of Wollongong to hear the marketing plans of the students and discuss the aforementioned seminar with the president of the board during the hour and a half road trip. Did I mention the president and the director don't actually get along? Harumph - yes, it's a word. Harumph. There'll be a meeting next week on how to proceed in this new and sparkly universe. I'm of a mind to dump all manner of techno-speak, statistics, profiling, mapping and networking protocols on them... sigh, I need more staff. Oh, wait, I need staff so I can ask for more.

Meanwhile, Canine the Destroyer has buried a nicely sucked chew bone in the unfolded laundry... Am I being punished for spending most of the day away?

I'm also trying to find time to write a review for Lynn Viehl's Dreamveil, but so far, no luck. Bring on the weekend so I can do my stuff!

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