Thursday, July 15, 2010


We live in such a modern age. *shakes head* I do actually recall the days before facebook, myspace and twitter; before the shining days of mobile phones, i-pods and mp3 players - I still have (somewhere) my first Sony Walkman. I even learned to type on a gasp manual typewriter.

I've had an e-mail account for ten or more years, so you can imagine my panic when I couldn't access the account. Through some weird, cosmic time-gap, I managed to get in and check the mail, then signed out - as you do - and now, nothing. It asks me to register the ID name since it's available!! Nooooo!!!

I've requested assistance in this matter and I'm hoping it isn't a virus (I have anti-virus software, updated constantly and security firewalls), but I know it ain't my fingers mis-typing. Something evil has happened and I'm trusting the Yahoo! staff to get to the bottom of it.

Given it's my main account - not author account - it's a major pain in the rear end. I am shuddering at the thought of creating a new account and address book.

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