Thursday, February 28, 2008


Had a storm come through at about 5.00am this morning. Lighting, thunder, rain, a weird buzzing...

After a couple of hours of boom, crash, flash, buzz, I got up. No power. Not a spark to be seen anywhere in the street.

Time to break out the camp stove. It was so overcast and rainy, I lit a couple of candles - thankfully, there were no mirrors; I'm not the most stunning of creatures first thing in the morning - and set about making a cuppa tea out on the balcony.

So I'm sitting there, watching the cars go by, identifying the make and models (something I did while growing up on a Navy base with ships and planes) and my eyes follow a rather natty Subaru Impreza and...

BANG! Shower of yellow sparks.

As I watched, the transformer attached to a power pole down the street exploded. Definitely a wow moment, and was the source of the odd buzzing noise.

Of course, we've been without power for a few hours, but... the sight of that transformer blowing, well, it will be useful I think.

I don't know what caused it; the last time I was around one that went bang, a magpie landed on the thing and following the bang a mushroom cloud rose while the body fell to earth - and that was some twenty years ago.

Some things stay memorable.

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