Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All in the view

I've been wrestling with a story all week.

The problem is perspective. It's a nifty story, but with telepaths, how much do you want to away?

If the story stands, everything is laid out and you know how it's going to end. Sometimes, that's a good thing; but it's something I try to avoid. Otherwise, there's no surprise for the reader and no urge to 'find out what happens next'.

If you know what a third person is thinking, it takes all the mystery away. So. What to do about it?

Do I split the story into two parts, which will make it longer? Or do I try to 'hide' some facet?

Much as I'd like to test the theories, it would also give away too much but I don't want to toss it into the 'too hard' basket. I think, though, I'll let it sit; do something else and let my subconscious and muse fight it out between them.

Either way, I plan to have the story up tomorrow... sometime.

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