Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scribd anyone?

Okay, I've post a story over at The Takeaway. It's not the problematic one - that's going to require some thought before I let anyone see it.

This one is longer than most, but it had to be. I'll be working on the problem child for the next post in just over two weeks - since I've been bad and didn't post last week.

Anyway, I thought I might open a Scribd account. The short story blog only goes so far in attracting readers and I can cruise around the site, searching for interesting stuff.

Lynn Viehl has a handy-dandy site and is a terrific mentor to the likes of me - although I have to admit, Deimos - it's in Lunar Marshall - still squicked me out. Astonishing idea, but ewww!

I'll give it some thought...

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