Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slash and burn

This final edit is time consuming, but I'm persevering because I know it will be worthwhile.

Checking all the -ing and -ly words is teaching me to look closer at sentence structure while also focusing on readability. One thing I'll have to teach myself now is to not have the tv on while I'm doing this on the laptop! The first pitfall of moveable writing I've discovered thus far.

But I've come up against a more serious problem: size. I have to cut another sixteen thousand words. As far as I know, no publisher is going to take a first novel at 136,000 words. More words equals more paper, more ink and more time on the presses, which equals more expense.

Hmmm, deja vu moment.

Anyway, I have to cut scenes. But what? The exploding plane? The jail abuse sequence? Some of Drega's cruelty? Sex scenes? What? It's like trying to nail jelly to a tree!

This is going to take some careful and creative consideration, 'cause, damn it, I don't wanna do it!

Well, tomorrow's Superbowl day, so I'm having the day off; maybe something will occur to me while I'm munching popcorn, drinking caffeine and cheering on the ******* (don't want to jinx either side).


Pandababy said...

OR - you could add 50,000 words and make it two thin books (less words, less ink, less expense, smaller price, more sales, readers wanting more, buying second book -- ooh, more sales, more money -- YEAH!) Besides, PBW says that book editors like to see more books ready to follow the one they want to buy...

Barrie said...

I feel your pain. I had to cut 10,000. Good luck. Be tough. :)

Jaye Patrick said...

There will be a book to follow this one; I've laid the clues out for a trilogy. But I haven't written the second book yet.

If I get a positive response, then I'll write it. For now, I've got to lose those scenes without affecting the overall feel of the book.

Well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing this.

You're right, Barrie, I have to gird my loins and hack away.