Saturday, December 22, 2007


The banes of my existence are: had, was, that and -ing.

I'm double editing. That is, I've gone through the hard copy and I'm putting them into the electronic copy, but I'm also editing on screen and those baneful words pop up with vulgar regularity.

It's a time consuming job and I hope to have this done by tomorrow; I doubt it though. I am determined to have it done by Christmas Eve - family is descending and I'll be busy with other stuff.

Still, it's not so bad: I'm over halfway and I'm going to post the completed version of Huntress for the New Year.

Since I'm doing this, I've had no time to write a Solstice story - not that I could think of anything to write. My muse has already gone on holiday, I think, and my focus is on this book. But there will be a short story on Wednesday. (They'll all be off to the post-Christmas sales.)

It's time for a break - dinner - before I throw myself back into the work. Writing is easy compared to this; all I have to do is place my fingers on the keyboard, imagine and off I go. This editing stuff takes concentration.

Blessed be, everyone and happy Solstice!

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