Thursday, January 22, 2009


Gah...!!! I'm am so not a fan of hot weather!

I know some people are, those who revel in the prickling heat, the slickness of sweat, the burn of the sun... me, I'm all for air conditioning. But me 'ouse ain't got none.

The local wildlife, though, are emboldened by it. This afternoon, I sat watching Band of Brothers and out from behind the book case comes a mouse, small and brown with twitching ears. It wandered around for a while and ducked back. Next thing, it was atop the wing-back chair across from me give me a right looking over. No point in trying to catch it and it zipped off with a sniff.

Downstairs, I continued editing the Nano novel - for which I still don't have a title - and I see movement out of the corner of my eye: a blue tongue lizard. The beggar wanted in, where it is marginally cooler.

I picked his warm body up and settled him behind some pot plants - then realised lizards are cold-blooded. Give you an idea of the heat here. Five-thirty in the p.m. and it's still 35 degrees celsius and no hint of the promised storms or cool breeze.

The dog, I should say, just lies there; I don't think she's interested in moving at all. I think I'll join her...


Jason said...

I tagged you in a meme if you're interested.

Pandababy said...

Enjoyed your wildlife sketches. Only 'wildlife' I see here are the doggies in sweaters walking with their bundled-up people in our 5 degree Celcius high of the day.