Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well this sucks!

I've got a touch of 'flu. I know this because I have the achin' bones, the stab of pain every time I cough and I generally feel like a bucket 'o shit without the bucket.

I also figured I'd sweat the bug out - we are at the beginning of a four day heatwave - and decided to work in the garden before the temperature rose too high. First up, a bit of trimming off some... plant or other. (I'm botanically challenged so I've no idea what it was.) Somehow, I managed to break the long bladed snipper things. It wasn't as if the dead sticky-things were that thick! Right. Okay. I'll mow instead.

I worked up a nice sweat as I did row after row until... zzzt, pop, flash and a gout of blue smoke rose from the mower. Of course, it wouldn't start again and the lawn now looks like a failed attempt at writing something rude for the satellites.

Obviously, I wasn't meant to work in the garden today, but there's no way I'm taking to my bed and mope; I just can't do it. I do feel better for the effort in the garden though, not so... achy. Maybe there's something to this sweat cure.

So I sat in front of the computer and edited the Nano book - for which I still don't have a title! I discovered it's not a good idea when you're feeling under the weather. I suck at first pages.

I thought it was a good idea at the time, but nope. Sucks. Alot. Even the new pages I wrote aren't going to reach the luminary heights of literature - or pass my own strict protocols. sigh.

I think I'll just take some more medication and mooch in front of the telly before I have to go to work. Someone there gave me this heinous bug, but I'll be careful not to pass it on.


Pandababy said...

oh, I hope they have air conditioning there... Take care. A friend in Australia emailed me this evening to say it was 122 in the shade today and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. If I lived there, I would plan on spending the day in the bathtub.

Is the weather getting crazier? It snowed all morning here today.

Jaye Patrick said...

I wonder if there's a correlation between your cold weather and our really hot? We've got another ten days of it, apparently.