Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here I am!

Yes, it's been a week since I posted. Between various family members and a trip to Canberra, little of my time has been my own. But I'm back now.

My rellos got a Wii and I couldn't resist playing it, although saying I won the boxing by knock out over a seven year old kind of weirds me out a little. But the little tyke beat me at tennis. Almost every game. What's up with that??? But I worked up a sweat. I have got to get me one!

It's also been stinkin' hot; the kind of heat where you just don't want to move or you'll be swimming in your own sweat. Yes, I live near the beach, but no, I don't go near it or the sun - not since I had a skin cancer removed and not since the water off the coast is cleaner than it has been in years that the sharks are moving closer to shore. Nup. No. Way. I'm happy not to move thanks ever so much. Where's that chocolate?

Next week, I genuinely hope to be back at the keyboard editing a book or two or three. It's got to be done and I've spent enough time wallowing in holiday cheer and family. Time to move on with the yearly plan.

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