Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've spent some time this week shaking my head.

The budget came out and was a non-event. Nothing great and nothing too bad, but then, the Government has consistently followed that idiot in White House - except we don't have sub-prime mortgages and the effect of the so-called Global Financial Crisis hit the expected industries, like commodities and tourism.

But... that wasn't good enough for K-Rudd. He and treasurer Wayne had to talk down the economy, creating an environment where companies let staff go, closed down temporarily and cut production in an attempt to save themselves. All so unnecessary.

And the Government has done nothing for the newly unemployed, thus an increase in mortgage defaults, regardless of the fact that the property market has barely rippled.

But I didn't realise how closely the top bodgies followed the big 'B', until Wayne stepped up to the plate and mentioned, "shovel-ready projects". Hmmm... seems I've heard this term before. Oh, wait, Barack Obama used the phrase.

Oh, and the $57 billion dollar deficit we have to have? Well, 49 billion of that was spent on handouts to less than fifty percent of the population before Christmas and in April. That money could have rescued the ailing health system.

* * *

On another point, I was standing at the local Chinese takeaway for lunch today, and I had to wonder whether anywhere else in the world would have this:

Everything is labelled - spring rolls, peking chicken, honey prawns, etc, in nice large letters and yet... a man walked up pointed to the pale, round objects labelled Dim Sims and said: "I'll have a couple of those meatballs."


Pandababy said...

"idiot in the White House"? - hmm, I thought was the previous administration.

I'd ask why you think Barack is an idiot, but I'm afraid you'd tell me.

But I do understand pissy. I have days like that too, but not today. Today, the sun is shining, it will be at least seventy degrees by three pm, and nothing can make me cross - even my Aussie friends name-calling my pres.

Jaye Patrick said...

I probably would tell you - too much Glenn Beck, I think - but I am sorry for the injudicious language. Our Prime Minister and his Treasurer seem to be using your prez as an indicator of what going on here and it's just not true.

We, as a country, have less people than Los Angeles, if that's an indicator.

Anyway, we're heading into Winter - my favourite time of the year.

The deciduous trees are bright with gold and red, the nights are cooling and there's a freshness in the air, that just makes you go... ahhhhh....