Thursday, May 07, 2009


I'm one story behind already.

Yesterday was sucky, where nothing I planned worked out. So. I'll have to write two on the weekend; no way am I doing it tomorrow, I gotta werk.

But you know, I'm writing these stories, six in all, and there of different people, in different time frames, about different things, and I can't help but feel they're all connected.

Oh, okay, sure, the connection is me, because I wrote them. But I don't mean that. They feel connected. So I'm wondering if the last story I write does, indeed blend them all together. One massive more-than-a-short-story-less-of-a-novella piece.

Or it could be I thought of connecting them all before I wrote the first and the idea won't die. I tossed the idea, originally, because I didn't want to write a whole bunch of vignettes.

Anyway, today was a Necromancer, in the Arctic, and about the effects of alien contact. Tomorrow? Well... there's the peasant with uncanny abilities in a land where magic is forbidden and it's about surrender. Or... there's the bodyguard in the jail in ancient times and it's about acceptance; a word is important. Or how about the female brewer in a machine in the future, where a pot plant is important and the story is about illusion?

I'll have to think on them, try and come up with a nifty twist. One thing I can say about story generators: they sure come up with some strange ideas...

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