Friday, May 29, 2009

End game

So I have two more stories to write to complete the Forward Motion marathon.

Now comes the hard part: what to write.

After nearly a month of generator-produced prompts, the two left have me in a dilemma. Like what genre I want to write in? How long? Character profiles and so on.

This is the part of the marathon I dislike the most. I'm always tempted to carry on, although I put off a number of things in real life I need to get back to.

Still, thirty-one new stories isn't anything to sneeze at (sorry if you have the 'flu, swine or otherwise).

As luck would have it, this weekend - like today - the forecast is for wet, windy and cold conditions; just the kind of days that beg to be huddled up in front of the computer and bashing away at the keyboard.

I'm going to think of something interesting to write about, something new... come on imagination, show me whatcha got!

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