Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No superheroes here please

Yes, well, that didn't work at all.

I really, really do not want a 'super hero' ending to this trilogy and that's exactly where it was heading. Sigh. Guess I'm deleting five thousand words or so and starting again.

And that's the problem. I've been rushing... again. Before I can write 'The End' on this piece, I have to finish it appropriately. Yes, with the death and destruction and the resolution of misunderstandings and the solution to the trilogy-long issue, but without the Ex Deus Machina leaping to my rescue.

I don't need rescuing, damn it, I need control and focus... and something really sneaky. Something a reader will not see coming.

This, of course, is part and parcel of life as an organic writer, although I assume it happens to writers who outline as well. Even when planning a book, I'm sure some writers suddenly strike a problem with the end and it has to be rewritten.

I gotta wonder though, how other writers of fiction involving people with... different abilities, be it vampirism, lycanthropy, psychic-ability, whatever, get around the lure of superheroism. Or do they just ignore it, not think of it, deliberately avoid the issue?

Characters must stay true to themselves regardless of the internal/external conflicts, the plot must unfold in a logical manner and so the end must be appropriate. Nope, I don't want my characters to join an amorphous organisation dedicated to the protection of humanity. That is just sucky. I even know where it came from:

My cable television decoder died and, while waiting for the new one to arrive, I mourned the loss of the programs I'd missed. Including Torchwood. In re-reading what I'd written, I found I'd put the line "We are outside the government... Definitely an eye-rolling moment and the catalyst for me dumping the five thousand or so words I'd done.

It was a cop-out. I'm so anxious to get this done and be ready for the short story gig, that I just wanted this book finished. I'm ashamed of that. It's a great trilogy and I treated it with less respect than it deserved. No wonder my mind gave me something so... ewwwie, cliched and downright laughable.

So. I shall think more on it and be more professional. And I'll come up with a wow ending, too.

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