Friday, April 10, 2009


Fill-'em Up Day.

Oh, yea, it's Good Friday and the beginning of the School Holidays so teeming throngs of tourists have descended. All the camping areas, caravan parks, hotels and rental houses are stuffed to overflowing.

Many of them have brought... boats. Well, I suppose they would given it's the coast and on the shores of Jervis Bay. And I have to note that on the way back from work today I saw a car parked outside one of the rental homes. A yellow car, low-slung, sexy, sitting with a come hither look about it. A car that rarely graces this area - a Lambourgini.

Around holidays, we get Beemers, Mercs, Jags, Porche, the occasional Rolls Royce or Ferrari, but Lambourginis? This is the first I've seen. I hoping to see a lot more of it... I wonder if the owner will mind if I just... touched it a little, drooled a bit, gazed longingly into the front seat and dream of it (with me in it)?

Makes me ask: Crisis? What financial crisis?

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