Monday, November 10, 2008

Werkin' out

Well, I've head-butted the 50k and given myself a headache. Actually, this amount of writing can screw you up in a number of ways... but I get around it by... exercising.

Yes, the bane of all writers existence. Getting out there and pumping up those muscles, getting the blood flowing.

The fundamental rule of writing is to write. Obvious, eye-rolling, smirking. But this is a marathon writing session, for me at least. December I have 'stuff' to do so it's all about November and how much I can get done.

Having a zippy typing speed is all well and good, having a kick ass word count is great, but there's a down side to it, and it starts in the neck and shoulders.

You're advised to take breaks, every fifteen minutes, half an hour or so to stretch and walk and to make that next cuppa java. I do this, but I need more because the old brain? She gets a little foggy in the morning.

Of course, I live in a rather fabulous part of the world - in a Marine Park. White sandy beach, changeable sea, sun; where dolphins frolic early, Osprey glide, Pelicans and the Black swan paddle on calm days... sigh

Anyway, it's a great area to walk for an hour. And it clears the mind, because your imagination, while it pings off in all direction, still needs to focus and I abuse the poor pet dreadfully during November. Out there, the quiet noise of nature is relaxing and when I return, I can jump right back in.

I once saw Nano as an excuse not to exercise - it took time away from writing - but found myself more tired as the month progressed. So, I grabbed the MP3 player, stuck on a hat and out I went into the wide world for a much needed distraction. And when I did that, the word count started to rise again and the story flowed much better.

Speaking of which, it's time I wandered off. I have my characters right where I want them, but an hour's extra torture won't kill them... will it?

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