Friday, November 07, 2008

Nano, na-yes!

And so I've passed the 50k point.

I wrote a little over 12,000 words today in a marathon session that sometimes dragged, especially when I saw how close I was to 50,000. It's like clock watching. The numbers didn't seem to count down as fast as I would have liked.

But I crashed through the barrier, tripped over the rubble and fell on the other side. I think I'll just lie here for a moment and catch my breath before I continue on the finish the book.

I have the characters right where I want them; now I can go ahead and torture them!

The best tricks to completing Nano are consistency and sticking to a schedule. To keeping your butt in the chair and writing. You've got to put yourself into the character and write what they do. Sometimes, it's easy and the words flow; other times it's like trying to loosen a rusty nut - not a lot of progress for all the effort.

You've got to keep at it, keep to your schedule, get into the groove and before you know it, we can turn you over coz you're done.

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Marina said...

Amazing effort -- congratulations!

It blows me away that you can write 12,000 words in a single day. There wouldn't be enough hours in the day for me to do that. It's currently taking me about four hours a day to write 2,000 words. It's not my typing speed that's the problem, it's my thinking speed!