Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One end; one beginning

I finished the first book today (Sven, Oleg and I are celebrating later), and started writing the sequel. I don't have a title yet, I'm hoping for something clever, or witty or something that spe-eeeks tooo meee. No luck.

This one is set in the Victorian era; an age of exploration and exploitation, of fabulous wealth and abject poverty, a crossing from agrarian society to industrial as people left the fields for the cities in search of better paid work.

I've prepared myself better this time with research on Cambridge University, what dissolves iron and how quickly, even the fashions of the day. I'll have to look up the Corn Law, factory conditions, manor houses and much more as I go along.

I'm glad the impetus is still with me, the second week of Nano is always the hardest. With the 'I've past 50k, take a day or two', 'are you sure about this, it's so much more work'.

Another clue for you: do not stop writing until November 30! It takes 21 days to form a habit, and if you want to be a writer, sitting your butt in the chair every day for a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand words is the best habit you can form.

I'm resisting going back and reading what I've done so far; I know some parts will garner a WTF? But other bits will surprise me. It's done and can marinade for a while.

Meanwhile, I have a tomb to open...

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