Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Candy and thieves

Big day, yesterday, with the writing.

Candy scenes, lots and lots of candy scenes! An' that's thu thing, innit? The best way to enjoy your writing is to skip the boring bits and go for the action - not that I did, by the way.

I've spent the past few days building up to these scenes. The gradual (or not) increase in tension to get everyone where they need to be for the near misses, the disappointments, the misunderstandings. And now, the chase is on.

Of course, I've screwed up the time line something chronic, but it's all fixable during the editing. And I've got to find out travel times by coach and horse.

* * *

In real life, my cousin and I have been e-mailing each other about the family tree.

And S. had some disturbing news: that my grandfather's WW1 medals were sold at auction this year. What's so bad about that? They weren't sold by anyone in the family.

Some years ago, my grandmother arranged for the original medals to be copied. Each of her sons received a set with one genuine medal - an MBE, a Military Cross, a 1914-1918 medal and the Victory medal.

When S. contacted the auctioneers, she was assured by the company that they thought the medals genuine.

All I can do is get my brother (who inherited the M.C. from my Dad) to find out if it's a replica or not.

It's unspeakable if we no longer have Pa's medals and while I'd like to have a few words with the guy who sold them, he died in 2000. I know my Grandfather's probably having a few words with him in the afterlife...

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