Monday, January 07, 2008


Okay, yes. I've been slack. Nary finger to keyboard to create anything, although I have loaded up some files and software.

But it's post-season! How can I not sit for hours in front of the teev and watch those buff bods bash (oooh, nice alliteration!) each other? Everyone needs downtime, even if it means getting up at six am to watch.

I'll be doing the same next weekend when my Cowboys take on the Giants; I gotta feel sad for the Steelers though, what an effort!

I've also been watching the cricket and I'm not happy at the Indians bitching. In no way is poor umpiring decisions Australia's fault. Yes, there's on field sledging, and yes, the Aussies have it down to a fine art, but racial slurs are never acceptable - from either side. It made a tense situation worse that exploded after the game with one side attacking the other's integrity.

Not on chaps, it comes across as sour grapes and is really disappointing after such an excellent and intriguing match. The result was in doubt until the last ten minutes. It's been years since the Aussies were so challenged.

Anyway, onto the next test match - hopefully by then, both sides will have calmed down.

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Jason said...

Ah, football. I think one of my favorite things to do is watch the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the fun, sometimes you need a break.