Thursday, January 03, 2008


Ooooo, shiney!

My problems are solved. What problem? Oh, the one where I take lots of photos scooting around Europe (and my nephew's confirmation in Denmark) and running out of space on the photo card, the one where I have bucket loads of research, but I type faster than I can write long hand, the one where I'd like to sneak in to the story-a-day marathon and the one where sometimes, it's a glorious day and I'd rather be outside on the balcony writing than staring at all my reference texts.

Yes, indeedy, I've taken advantage of the post-Christmas sales and bought myself a notebook for less than $AUS600. And now, I'm a mobile writer.

It's not flash, just functional - it's hdd has a bigger memory than my desktop - and I can download photos to my heart's content. I can also keep up with the blog, once I get the hang of smaller, flat keyboard. All that will take is practice with the notebook at an angle.

And now that I have a shiney new toy, I'm going to play with it...


Jason said...

Oooh! Sounds awesome. I remember when I got my shiney new laptop. The keyboard takes a little time to get used to, but in no time you'll be writing to your hearts content.

Have fun!

Barrie said...

You'll love being a mobile writer. It's the only way to go. :) For example, I'm about to go from the kitchen table to the armchair in the living room! Seriously, take my lap top EVERYWHERE! It's like my 5th child.

Jaye Patrick said...

Still having problems with the keyboard - but I figure practice makes perfect.

I'm starting off slow, but being mobile? It's da bomb!