Saturday, January 19, 2008

Raining Words and Grammar

I like the the rain. While others grumble and gripe, moan and groan about how 'miserable' the weather is, I see it as just another kind of weather.

I'm more creative; although, that might have something to do with watching too much Discovery or History Channel.

Today it's raining. A soft, gentle rain that goes largely unnoticed - unless your outside - and it's Summer, so there's warmth in the air. *sigh* I can't decide whether to write or edit.

I have a scathingly brilliant new idea for a book, with a clear opening scene and characters. What I don't have is motivation, the 'why' of it. Chances are, the why will turn up when it wants to, but I wanna know now. There's nothing worse than writing half a book and discovering you're stuck because you have no good explanation for what's going on. Save the world? Nup. Not enough heroes. Save the lurve interest? Not caring at the moment. Save a future leader? Interfering in fate is bad karma; it's also been done.

So why would someone travel light years to a pokey little blue planet filled with humans? Can't think why they would - at the moment - which means I'm not putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) until I think of a legitimate and hopefully clever reason.

I guess that means I'm editing. Gotta dump the passive sentences, sort out the timeline, verify motivations and put in more description!

Description is my downfall, I think. I assume what I'm seeing is what readers will see and that's not the case. My first drafts are often lacking because I'm writing too fast. I wonder if I can train myself out of that? Or I should simply work more carefully at the second draft? Probably a bit of both.

Now, where did I leave John and Marcia - The Novel Crash Test Dummies?


Jason said...

My problem is that I don't describe enough, and when I think about it and try to add more description...then I describe too much, lol.

Sounds like an interesting story idea. Hope you find out the "why" of it all.

Gabriele C. said...

One of the reasons I'm a slow writer is that I need to get the description in the first round, or I'm not happy.

And getting the right amount of description is tricky.

Jaye Patrick said...

Somehow, we newbie writers must find the balance with description.

I'm guessing what we feel comfortable with is right until someone tells us otherwise.