Monday, June 14, 2010


That tracking thingie is pretty cool - a little distracting - but cool. I've cut some eighty pages from the manuscript and I'm thinking another twenty five will bring the book back to a nice, round 400 pages.

Seeing all the red from the tracker disappear and the page numbers suddenly go 'blip' and repaginate... I must confess the fear of deleting something nifty. I've left comments in (although I think I'll change the colour scheme from the 'orrible pink) and it may require adding more words.

So now I print out and go through it again, do the corrections and let it sit while I re-edit something else. Choices, choices. A stand-alone or a trilogy?

Editors and agents like to know there's work in the pipeline, don't they? So, a trilogy, all written and needin' a bit o' lurve.

And none of it is getting done while I mooch about on the 'net! Of course, I have get it done before I head off to Canberra this week and track down a number of books, including Dreamveil which I am so looking forward to...

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