Friday, June 18, 2010


Woo hoo! I am in Canberra. What's the big deal? Well, really large book stores.

I'd like to support my local businesses, but when they consistently fail to provide a service, well... I'm not going to frequent them. The argument that they only stock what's popular is a load of cobblers. It took a concerted effort and constant requests for them to stock J. D. Robb! I mean... WTF? The staff didn't know La Nora and J.D. were the same person initially, until it was carefully explained.

So. Canberra. Bitterly cold and fabulous. Borders tomorrow and Dymocks on Sunday. I'm there, with list in hand, hunting down what I cannot find in my home town... village, whatever.

Viehl, Andrews, Weber, Gerritsen, Lisle, Kent and anyone else I can lay my little mitts on. It's all a matter of perspective and browsing.

Bring it...

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