Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I lived!

So I survived and the speechifying went as expected - not my thing, but the students, yes, all sixteen of them, were interested and asked questions. No stammering or shaking hands from me. I love my history; the students, not so much. Fortunately, my colleague went way over time, but my fifteen minutes went well.

What I found interesting was there were four sessions (we only did one) with various organisations, but the students didn't know which group they'd be placed in. I think that was unfortunate, since they had no opportunity to do any prior research on the company for whom they'd be creating a marketing plan.

None of them had heard of the historic figures I presented, nor the fictional characters I compared them to (Horatio Hornblower, Honor Harrington) who were based on the naval heroes relevant to where I live. It could have been because all but three were Asian students.

The problem with stress is that it's exhausting; I felt like I'd run a marathon and, I suppose, with a constant high heart rate, it's similar.

I earned the glass of merlot... and then promptly went to sleep.

As a reward, today I'm off to see Shrek: Forever After - it appeals to my inner child.

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