Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am sleep deprived.

Yes, I've finished inputting the final edits and all I need do is let the ms rest for a day, then re-read to make last minute adjustments. It's been long and tiring work, but that's not why I'm lacking in sleep.

Two words: Thuh Dawg.

Saxon is an elderly beastie at seventeen who usually will sleep through the night. Not for the past few days, oh no.

Do you know how early five a.m. is? It's that time of the morning when the air is crisp and fresh, with the scent of wood smoke from the fires a little further south. It's still dark! The horizon in the East is lightly brushed with white-yellow, ready to paint the sunrise - and the dog is bumbling around outside, searching for an inconvenient place to do her business. That was yesterday morning.

Last night, around midnight, she was up with the squits. I gave her some canned dog food that didn't agree with her. Three a.m. and she got herself stuck under the bed, whinged until I gently dragged her out. She settled down until... Five a.m. and she's up wanting a drink of water. I got up because if I don't and she needs to out... well, I hate cleaning up messes. Miserable hound looks at me as if to say "What? I'm drinkin' here!" and wanders back to her bed.

So. I'm up. I'm awake. And with latte in hand, watched another glorious sunrise.

There's something to be said about wallowing in the beginning of a new day. No traffic, the kangaroos are nibbling grass on the neighbours front lawn, and the birds are singing opera to the sun as it rises over the Bay.

Not a bad way to start the day... if it didn't start so damned early!

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