Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm feeling a little pressured at the moment.

I have a book to post on Wednesday and I still have to go through the final, final edits; I also volunteered my time this month for some donation collecting and, as you know, it's been a tough month. Tomorrow is AFL grand final day, Tuesday family is visiting and Crystal Healer turned up in the mail box. I am tempted to ignore everything, curl up in a comfortable corner of the couch and just read.

Ain't gonna happen, so I've prioritised. (Is this the first step in my decline into organising?)

Tomorrow, I'll ramble up and down the streets, charming people out of their money. Then I watch the grand final. Sunday and Monday, with Tuesday morning set aside as spare time, I'll do the book, re-do the cover and post. Then I get to do the edits on the last book of the trilogy - probably... hmmm, at work on Friday, so next weekend.

I think I'll get to reading for pleasure oh, about December?

Of course, everything is subject to change...

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